About Adelwerth Bus

Adelwerth Bus Corp. was established in 1943. For nearly 40 years we have provided reliable and economical transportation solutions to school children residing in Suffolk County. Our focus is on consistently providing quality transportation to the communities we serve. We are continuously striving to find new ways to achieve, maintain, and insure that the service we provide is the safest possible and of the highest possible quality. As a full service student transportation provider, our daily services include:

Home to School Transportation • Private School Transportation • Boces Transportation • School Field Trips
Special Needs Transportation • After School Activities • Charter Trips • Private Rentals

Our 5,000 sq. ft maintenance facility allows us to repair and inspect our buses on a daily basis. All repairs are performed on site by our highly trained staff of technicians. Our technicians ensure that our buses exceed Federal and State regulations, which ensures that we provide the highest level of quality service. Our team of technicians' dedicated focus on safety and maintenance has allowed Adelwerth's buses to achieve a D.O.T. BUSNET rating score of over 96% for each of the past four years. Only a handful of bus operators in NY State share this honor. Our management team has established a good working relationship with our employees. We work together to insure that labor practices are in place that will foster a strong work ethic and a respect for the rights of the children we transport and their families. Our company believes that our professional drivers are the first line of bus safety. Our policies include:

Pre-employment and ongoing drug and alcohol testing • Driver Management Online (DMO) to monitor records
Stringent background and record checks • Thirty hours of classroom training • Ongoing refresher courses throughout the year • Physical performance and dexterity testing

Our route optimization procedures allow us to provide school districts with a detailed road map analysis that can improve their current transportation system. Our skilled team can customize a plan that will address a district's specific needs. We will provide school district's with the most economical way to transport their students while keeping the saftey of the students as the number one priority.

Our business is student centered. We feel that by providing a superior level of service, we help to create the greatest opportunity for learning to occur. Our goal is to start each passenger's day in the most pleasant manner possible. We believe that a student's school day begins the minute they enter one of our school buses. If the bus is clean inside and out, is on time, and is driven by a courteous, professional driver, that student will feel positive about his or her school experience. If the bus is comfortable and arrives at its destination without incident, the student departs the bus in a frame of mind that is conducive to begin a day of learning.